Steel Class


Stylish notebooks in metallic colours.

Elegant notebooks in a unique binding.
Available in different colours and formats.
The removable dividers and easily accessible index help to keep notes in order.

For people who cherish originality and elegance. The small particles, which reflect the light, give the cover a refined look and the shining comb further underlines the character of the product. For the boss and for the employee, for older and younger people. Classy notebooks tempting with beauty.

Notebook Steel Class

  • three formats: A4, A5, A6
  • two types of ruling: lines or checked 5x5
  • covers available in 5 colours - green, violet, grey, navy blue, brown 



  • front and back cover made from metallic polypropylene



  • 80gms paper
  • whiteness of paper 170 (CIE)
  • margin at the edge of the sheet of paper (format A4 and A5)



  • high quality single wire comb with coil lock



  • plastic dividers
  • possibility to remove the dividers and put them in the chosen place



  • index and space for personal data on the first page


The coil lock secures the wire comb from opening.

The margins on the edges of the sheets of paper give the opportunity to make additional notes.

Stiff dividers may be removed and put in the chosen place.