ECO% series was created to meet the needs of ecologically aware clients, who are not indifferent to the natural environment. ECO% series consists of elegant notebooks and filing folders made from agricultural waste originated materials.

The covers of notebooks and filing folders are made from 75% recycled materials. The paper is made from 80% sugarcane fiber. The included to the notebooks pen is made from 76% PLA – biodegradable plastic made from natural plant, not petroleum – and non-toxic soy and water based inks.

Covers and pen made from PLA. Plant originated plastic, made from sugarcane fiber and other starch containing cultivations. Naturally transparent is easily tinged into different colours. PLA products fully decompose in the temperature 50 - 60°C, at the humidity rate 80 - 90% within 60 - 90 days.

Notebook ECO%

  • two formats: A4, A5
  • two types of ruling: lines or checked 5x5
  • covers available in 5 colours - brown, black, violet, blue, green



  • front and back cover made from an ecological material created from the remains of sugarcane used in the production of sugar
  • cover with rounded edges
  • attached to the cover a pen made from biodegradable materials



  • 70gms paper
  • ecological paper made of sugarcane fiber



  • high quality double wire comb



  • space for personal data on the first page



Paper made from 80% sugarcane fiber.


Materials used in the production process of notebooks and folders are recyclable.


Inks in the pen are made from non-toxic soy and water based materials.


Covers made from 75% recycled materials.


Products made from 100% biodegradable materials.


ECO% Expanding File

  • expanding file
  • made from ecological materials
  • format A4
  • 6 multi-tab file dividers for documents
  • elastic closing straps for additional security of loose papers

6 expanding multi-tab file dividers for documents.


ECO% Easy Sheet Holder

  • folder made from ecological materials
  • format A4
  • 6 transparent pockets for documents

The pocket's shape makes it easy to place documents.