Spacious notebooks with lined or checked ruling in A5 format.
Best for pupils and students.

The wide margin gives additional space for writing down your notes.
The sheets with perforation and holes allow neat tearing out of the notebook and placing into a lever arch file.

There will always be enough space for your notes!

Notebook Big

  • format A5
  • two types of ruling: lines or checked 5x5
  • covers available in 4 colours - dark green, red, green, navy blue



  • front and back cover made from highest quality polypropylene
  • cover with rounded edges
  • cover with different overprinted colours



  • 80gms paper
  • whiteness of paper 170 (CIE)
  • sheets of paper with perforation and 2 holes which permit to place them into a lever arch file



  • high quality single wire comb



  • stiff plastic dividers with colourful rounded edges
  • possibility to remove the dividers and put them in the chosen place



  • space for personal data on the first page


The perforation and holes allow to tear sheets out of the notebook and to place them into a lever arch file.

Single wire comb.

Standard ruling - lines or checked 5x5.