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quality, colour, perfect finishing and pleasant texture all add up to the unique sense of originality and elegance for the users of notebooks and filing folder from our collection

Notebook – why?

Elegant notebooks for the office, school, home. For those who like to write in lines and for those who prefer checked ruling. Wide variety of colours and formats. Removable dividers, pages with indexes, perforation and holes.

Beautiful, durable, pressed, smooth and matt covers. Binded in high quality wire combs. For writing down and taking notes, scribbling and calligraphing, drawing and sketching. Always at hand.

We present

A wide variety of durable, esthetic, colourful and elegant notebooks and filing folders. Produced with the use of renewable materials, thus proving that caring for our planet is not a limitation for highest quality products.


Jumbo notebook series allows to pick the perfect notebook. Choose the format, select the amount of sheets and decide which type of ruling you prefer – lines or checked. Jumbo for older people? Mini Jumbo for younger people? Micro Jumbo for the youngest? Not necessarily! Which format is best for you?

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Adapt the notebook to your needs by using the removable dividers. Divide it into sections. You keep a record of recipes  – divide them into dishes, you are a student – divide the notebook according to your courses, or maybe you are already working – divide the notebook into tasks. One notebook – so many possibilities. How will you use it?

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Lights series – vibrant beautiful colours. For people who seek novelties and detest monotony. Notebooks best used as travel journals and helpful on a daily basis. Learning and working will never be dull again with Lights notebooks. Which colour is your favorite?

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Beautiful notebooks in soft, pastel colours. The removable dividers allow to organize the notebook according to your preferences. Pure elegance on your desk. Note and draw! There will always be enough space.

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Steel Class

Stylish notebooks in metallic colours. For people who cherish originality and elegance. The small particles, which reflect the light, give the cover a refined look and the shining comb further underlines the character of the product. Classy notebooks tempting with beauty.

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Spacious notebooks with lined or checked ruling in A5 format. Best for pupils and students. The wide margin gives additional space for writing down your notes. The sheets with perforation and holes allow neat tearing out of the notebook and placing into a lever arch file.

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ECO% series was created to meet the needs of ecologically aware clients, who are not indifferent to the natural environment. ECO% series consists of elegant notebooks and filing folders made from agricultural waste originated materials.

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Unique series of A4 notebooks and A4+ filing folders. The enlarged filing folders permit to carry or store longer documents or secured with a clip, without making wrinkles. The notebook from Excluso series will fit perfectly into the filing folder. Create your ideal set: notebook + filing folder.

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The Orange Wave series was made with the thought of the planet’s thermal equilibrium change and greenhouse effect caused by pollution emitted into the atmosphere. The notebook and folder covers are made from 100% recycled polypropylene.

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Series made especially for your delight. Notebooks in the colours imitating gold or silver. Properly chosen colouristic elements of the notebook will transform it into a jewel on your desk. Will you choose gold or silver?

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The 90s series is an explosion of colours emerging from every detail of the notebook. Covers, sheets and ruling are all in different shades of the same colour. The functional push button closure secures the notebook from opening and wrinkling, even if you put it in a backpack or handbag. Trust the colours!

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Browse and make the best choice!

Wide variety of colourful notebooks especially for you. Know what you wish for yet?



Working and learning is more pleasant in the surrounding of elegant textures and stimulating colours. Every assistant will appreciate the boss seeing the Steel Class on the desk, every student will turn after his colleague when he will catch a glimpse of the Ligths or Excluso colours from a distance.

Tempting colours, which you crave to touch.

On a busy day, find some time for yourself.

Notebooks like booklets with a comfortable push button closure.

Classic way to gather your thoughts: coffee and a notebook.

Make a note before the battery runs down.

One notebook, many functions and a ruler included.

Beautiful notebooks useful even in your free time.

Always at hand.

Designer series for the most demanding persons

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  • See SMOOTH serie
  • See LIGHTS serie
  • See LINES serie
  • See Steel Class serie
  • See BIG serie
  • See BIG serie
  • See EXCLUSO serie
  • See ORANGE serie
  • See 90's serie
  • See Golden&SILVER serie

Elegant, esthetic and colourful like never before!

More information about Mintra

Multi-purpose notebooks binded with wire combs. Stiff dividers which allow to split notes according to your needs. Beauty and functionality combined.

Wire combs

Precisely binded with a wire comb.

Wire combs
Dividers and perforation

Removable dividers and sheets with perforation for a better usage of the notebook.

Dividers and perforation
Original design

Unique designs and colours with a sense of beauty.

Original design

Enjoy the colours and the rare texture

Working and learning is more pleasant in the surrounding of elegant textures and stimulating colours. Every assistant will appreciate the boss seeing the Steel Class on the desk, every student will turn after his colleague when he will catch a glimpse of the Ligths or Excluso colours from a distance.

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